Marriage of Convenience.


Proposal (2009).

When New York editor Margaret faces deportation, she convinces her assistant Andrew to marry her in return for a promotion. However, when she visits his hometown, it changes her in many ways.”

Purple Hearts (2022).

An aspiring musician agrees to a marriage of convenience with a soon-to-deploy Marine, but a tragedy soon turns their fake relationship all too real.”

Marry Me (2022).

Latin superstar Kat Valdez decides to impetuously marry an audience member during her concert after she learns of her fiance’s infidelity before her live performance.”

TV Shows:

Доярка из Хацапетовки (2006).

Повеса женится на первой встречной для того, чтобы получить наследство.

Семья на год (2019).

Успешная HR-менеджер уговаривает безработного мужчину заключить фиктивный брак ради того, чтобы усыновить ребёнка.


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