Tooth Fairy


Toothless (1997)

A dentist is cast into limbo after her death in a bike accident and is given the assignment to act as The Tooth Fairy as her action to be admitted into heaven.”

Director: Melanie Mayron.

Writer: Mark S. Kaufman.

Cast: Kirstie Alley, Ross Malinger.

Chapter Books:

Harriet Muncaster, Isadora Moon meets the Tooth Fairy (2021).

Isadora Moon #13.

Isadora has a wobbly tooth! Vampires frame their fangs, but fairies leave teeth for the tooth fairy. Isadora isn’t sure what to do until one night she meets a magical mouse called Mignonette.

With Mignonette’s help, Isadora will make a new tradition. One that is totally unique, just like her!”

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